Why Are Good Thoughts Good?

In the mind, it is possible to replace some negative patterns in the subconscious with positive ones.In our daily life, we constantly use a lot of negative phrases without noticing them and subconsciously records them automaticallyThe moment the universe sees that the thought you voiced out loud and the thought you want it to be in conflict with each other, the universe cares about the thought you are voicing.

Therefore, your thoughts and speeches are very, very important. You must say "I am healthy today." instead of "I'm not ill." You should never use negative words."Good Thoughts" are useful to create positive patterns by repeating frequently instead of negative patterns in your mind. These sentences, which are selected consciously, are very simple and easily applicable tools to program the subconscious that affects your body, mind and emotions as you wish and to shape your life.

In researches conducted by scientists, it has been observed that a series of chemical reactions occur when a thought crosses our minds. Every reaction that occurs radiates energy. So, all thoughts actually radiate energy.The subconscious / unconscious is subjective. Subconscious is a giant archive. Everything is registered here.The subconscious is the side of your brain that you are not aware of. It controls all involuntary body functions. In a sense, it is autopilot. It is memory storage. It stores experiences. As the opposite of the conscious mind, it accepts the proposal without question. It accepts repetitions as correct. It reinforces. Automatic behaviors and habits are among the information recorded in memory. The duty of the subconscious / unconscious is to sustain life and ensure happiness. It responds to ideas and images.

Briefly Subconscious;

Every word spoken from the moment we are born goes directly to the subconscious. This information placed in the subconscious affects our whole lives. The subconscious accepts everything sent to it. It stores our subconscious values, beliefs, and controls our body functions. Cannot interpret. It acts by perceiving everything as real, regardless of wish or truth. The information placed in the subconscious constitutes the basic principles that affect all life and direct our behavior. There is no time in the subconscious. The subconscious does not perceive time, it is timeless.

It has been seen in tests conducted so far that our subconscious cannot distinguish between what we see with our eyes and what we imagine. In both, the same areas of the brain are illuminated. It accepts the imagined as it is and immediately sets to work to realize it.So how should we transform negative beliefs and thought patterns in our subconscious into positive ones? The first thing we need to do is; wish to "accept" and "change" our current situation Your body listens to all your thoughts and desires, whether aloud or silent, even if you don't realize it and act according to them.

We accepted our situation and wanted to change it. Then we must obtain our "Good Thoughts" that will make the change happen. Things to pay attention while doing this;

Your power is only in the "Moment". Whatever you do "Now" you can...